‘Gareth has been looking after my garden since 2003.  To demonstrate how invaluable he is to me, I once considered moving, and one of the key factors on the area to move to was that it would be within travelling distance for Gareth to look after my new garden. As it happened, I decided to stay put.
Gareth is a very professional and extremely knowledgeable gardener.  He’s also brilliant at pruning and knows at which time of the year pruning should be carried out for different plants, shrubs and trees. On a few occasions I’ve asked him to prune something, and he’s advised me that it was the wrong time of year, and that he’d sort things out at the appropriate time.
He’s totally reliable and trustworthy, and whilst I’m running my own business, I can leave everything in Gareth’s capable hands.  He’s also very friendly and generally a lovely guy. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to use Gareth’s services.’

Jennie Rogers

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